North Island Community Forest

     The North Island Community Forest Limited Partnership (NICFLP) represents a cooperative of three communities, Port Alice, Port Hardy and Port McNeill. The NICFLP gains access to an area based forest tenure covering approximately 2,400 hectares (ha).      The North Island contains some of the most productive forests in Canada. Accordingly, the North Island's sustainability is inextricably tied to the sustainability of the forest and it has been a long standing community goal to gain greater certainty over its management by directly managing the resources on which it depends.      A Community Forest Agreement (CFA) is the enabling opportunity for the people of the North Island to become the land stewards that will assure the sustainability of the surrounding forest resources. The community forest will be managed to achieve these broad sustainability goals and is defined by:  

  • Operating Area – The NICFLP includes three separate operating areas near Alice Lake, Marble River and Quatse Lake. The Alice Lake operating area is approximately 1,300 in size, the Marble River area is 650 ha and the Quatse Lake area is 425 ha.
  • Allowable Annual Cut – The Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) for the NICFLP is based on specified forest management practices and forest inventory information. The proposed AAC is 10,000 cubic meters (m3)/year coniferous and 400 m3/year of deciduous timber.
  • Management Objectives – Environmental, social and economic goals and objectives are specified in order to guide the management of the tenure. Management strategies for non-timber forest values are also outlined.

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