Contract Opportunities

The North Island Community Forest Limited Partnership

Forest Contract Eligibility List

The North Island Community Forest Limited Partnership (NICFLP) is currently
establishing a list of forestry/engineering companies, contractors, log brokers and others
who wish to become eligible to bid on NICFLP contracts and/or timber sales. Forestry
contracts that may be tendered include engineering, silviculture, geomatics, planting,
recreation, project management and timber sales. Interested parties are requested to
submit resumes, references, some recent contract history information to
Only those who have registered on this list will become eligible to bid and notified
when a contract is tendered. Please note that when a contract is tendered, the following
additional information is required, along with your bid.
• Incident rate and financial standing with WorkSafeBC
• Information on recent investigations and/or violations of Federal/Provincial Legislation
• Proof of applicable insurance
• Proof of a RPF or RFT on staff for contracts/timbersales requiring engineering/silviculture
• Subcontractors to be used must be listed and provide the above information
• An interview may be required
• NICFLP reserves the right to accept none of the bids
• All information will be held in confidence

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